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In 1987 the programmers of PARALLAX and WIZBALL decided to give away their trade secrets. It was something special.

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 12th July 2016 360 ARM download fixed
 20th June 2016 Amiga games from Tim Favro
  SEUCK Compo 2016 underway
 17th April 2016 G-Force supply two new games
 13th July 2015 TWIN WAR by NecroPolo
  Updated GIGABLAST and T-UFO files
 12th July 2015 NUCLEAR STRIKE FORCE preview by Richard Bayliss
  SEUCK Compo 2015 prize entries
 6th July 2015 ZUID by Drew Rodger
 26th September 2014 NOXUS REDUX by Alf Yngve
 9th September 2014 SOPWITHS & PTERRORDONS by Anthony Stiller
  SEUCK Compo 2014 results
 22nd July 2012 Pages updated
  Updates on hold until further notice due to ill health
  Contact and links pages updated
  Ciuffy by Emiliano Sciarra
  Ten games with trainers by SEUCK Trainers United
  Individual trained files now added and archive updated
 5th August 2011 BIG C64 UPDATE! 37 MORE GAMES
  With thanks to Mason of C64 Heaven for his help
  See them here, here, and here
  Eradicator link and download fixed
 2nd August 2011 More C64 games including
  The Shadow of Innsmouth by Anthony Burns
  Nyaaah 15th Anniversary by Richard Bayliss
  Games by Carl Mason & Tim Agar
  Over 200 SEUCK games with trainers by Martin Pugh
 20th July 2011 BIG AMIGA UPDATE! 39 MORE GAMES!
  Horace Takes A Trip
  Raid 3 - Total Fire added to the Raid collection
  Intense - Reborn Again added to the Sector 1 page
  and 36 more on three pages - Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
  With thanks to Ricky Derocher for his help
 September 2010 More C64 titles added:
  Casanova, Spitti's Search and Xenonoid
  More games found by Mason
 30th July 2010 More C64 titles added:
  Frank Gasking's workdisks
  Two new games from Bamse (Sonny Top)
  Car Wars games added
  Kill Hill tape version added
  Now over 200 C64 titles in the archive!
 4th July 2010 More Amiga games
  Archive fully updated
 New pages for The Raid series
  Andrew Fereday
  Sector 1 and Intense
  The Serene trilogy
  Skyflyer 1 and 2
  Tomcat and Super Tomcat
 2nd June 2010 Amiga games found by Stone Oakley
  Blood 'n' Bullets, Firefighter, Raid
  and five games by Adolfo Cirillo
 8th May 2010 Unseen game from Alf Yngve - Bimbo
  Kill Hill by Wayne Womersley
  Stormtrooper by Weird Scientists
 Results are in: Richard's Sideways SEUCK Competition
 11th March 2010 Mutilator by Richard Bayliss
  More new games for March 2010
  More games found by Mason
  Legion of the Damned page updated
 22nd February 2010 Link to a new German SEUCK site
  Archive page altered, new additions coming soon
 January 2010 Richard Bayliss launches Sideways SEUCK Competition 2010
  For older news updates, click here
 January 2005  Site design begins
 September 2003  Site idea started

"The Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit" revealed the secrets of professional games programmers and gave you the power to produce games to rival the biggest chart-topping blasters. You didn't need any training or programming experience to use the selection of utilities designed by Sensible Software. Using your joystick you could build your own Spacecraft and Weaponry, design your own Landscapes, Sound Effects, Levels and Attack Waves. You could start from scratch or redesign one of the 4 FREE games included in the pack. SHOOT 'EM UP CONSTRUCTION KIT was an essential part of every Commodore 64 owner's collection, with the Amiga and Atari ST versions following soon after.

The aim of the SEUCK Vault is to gather together the very best games created with SEUCK on the Commodore 64 and the Amiga. We are also looking for previously unreleased titles, your stories about how you used the Kit, and also the tips and tricks that make using the Kit easier.

Original idea by Frank Gasking and Andrew Fisher.
Web design by Andrew Fisher.

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